Sunday, April 10, 2016

Emerson Point Preserve Photo Essay

Today was Weekend Day 2. I determined that this, Tim's first weekend after his first week back to work, was going to be a do-nothing weekend. Yesterday I took the bike to the laundry to wash work clothes while he caught up on reading, but the rest of the day was spent being lazy. This morning we dug out the bikes and headed over to explore the Emerson Point Preserve, located just a half mile from our dock.

The park is an incredibly beautiful, incredibly well-maintained piece of land. There are biking and hiking trails all through the park, a very interesting Indian mound historical site, ponds with tons of wildlife, several beaches, and a dinghy dock for the boats in the anchorage. I can't imagine a better place to have a half mile from us and I suspect we'll spend a lot of time there over the summer. Here's some photos for your enjoyment this afternoon.

The stairs to the Indian mound

An interesting timeline of the area

Everywhere there are amazing live oak trees draped with the Spanish moss

Palms were added many years after the Indians lived here. There are also many
lemon trees in the woods here whose ancestors are trees planted by the people
who farmed the area after the Indians left

The anchorage right off the park

Not sure, but we thought this might be one of the strangler fig trees wrapped around another tree of indeterminate type

Everywhere you go there are inviting paths to ride or hike on.

Tried to talk this little guy into accompanying us back to the boat to keep the ant population at bay, but he declined.

There is a small, but nice beach at the West end of the park.

An honorable attempt at restoring lost bees. Unfortunately, there were only a couple
taking advantage of the free accomodations.

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