The Stage

The Stage:

When we first bought Kintala we were on Carlyle Lake, IL, the details of which are below. It was ou 2-year training simulator, very similar in depth, contour, weather, etc., to the Chesapeake where we finally launched the boat in October of 2013. Our stage now is the East Coast, wherever we can find 70°.

Carlyle Lake, IL. The largest inland lake in the state of Illinois. Not quite the ocean at an average of 16 feet deep, but deep enough to teach us how to be better sailors before we make the leap to the ocean! 

Boulder Marina, Kintala's Home and the best marina on Carlyle Lake:

January 2014 Update: We are currently in Florida and plan on staying in the US this year, maybe as far as the Keys. Next hurricane season we will probably head back North and hopefully to the Bahamas next winter.

February 2014 Update: As they say, cruiser plans are written in sand at high tide...We're headed to the Bahamas now.

May 2014 Update: Family plans have us returning to the states and will keep us in Florida over hurricane season. We are scrambling to find insurance that will let us do that.