The Crew

The Skipper:

Tim: Pilot, Husband, Grandfather, flight instructor, aircraft (and now diesel) mechanic, avid motorcyclist, and bitten by a severe case of wanderlust.

The Admiral:


Deb. Wife, Former Web Designer & Administrator, Graphics Designer, Chief Cook & Bottle Washer, Chief of Provisions, Deck Swabbie, Grammy, and also avid motorcyclist.

Future crew? 


Unknown said...

Hi there,
I could not find a contact page so I hope you don't mind me leaving a comment here.
Just wanted to say loved the website and blogs. Usually a lot of sailing sites are stuck back in the days of green screens so looking at something fresh with good photographs and interesting blogs is refreshing..
Good sailing my friends

Elliott said...

I like your site a lot. What is the best way (?your email address) to contact you regarding the Tartan 42 and some questions I have? I am not sure if you are still outside of the US. Thanks.

Deb said...

Elliott - I added a contact us form to the blog. Please try it so I know it works, but if you don't get a response soon then use svkintala att gmail dott com. I used to have an email listed but I got so much spam that I had to take it out. Now that Blogger has the contact form hopefully that will eliminated the spam.

Steve said...

Wow, just stumbled onto your site and can't get enough of it: Tartan sailboat, motorcycles, generational changes, trying to find a different way without overly despairing at the depraved politics staining our Republic, respecting while enjoying our incredible planet and hoping our grandchildren will have the chance to do the same. My sensibilities exactly, every one. Thank you for taking the time to write all this down. Steve Blitch, Tartan 4100 #83, Piedmont, California.

Unknown said...

Where you guys planning on wintering. Viking ship plans fell through since they never came so far south... we need a back-up plan for a visit... maybe spring? Need possible locations. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and safe and fun Christmas. Hugs, Kathy & Arild