The Plan

The Plan:

To bring Kintala up to ocean readiness truck her back up to Chicago, and sail through the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence Seaway, around Nova Scotia, down the East Coast and to...who knows?

Update:  So this is how cruising goes. You have a plan, because you need a plan, but only to have one from which to deviate. We changed our plan to depart from Chicago and the St. Lawrence Seaway because the weather window was too tight and the sailing too challenging for newbies. We decided to ship the boat to Annapolis and leave for Southern climes after the boat show. It was one of the wiser decisions we made and the lesson is surely to be flexible in your plans or they will hurt you for sure.

2014 Update: We've decided that if we had it to do again, we would have shipped the boat all the way to Florida and started in warm weather. It would have actually cost less than it did to do the ICW down to here an we would have enjoyed it much more.

July 2014 Update from Florida: We've decided that, in fact, we did it the right way to begin with. The costs of purchasing and outfitting a boat in Florida are so unbelievably much higher than many other places in the US that we would have gone completely bankrupt if we had bought the boat here or shipped the boat here to do the initial work on it. Find the cheapest place to do your own work and ship the boat there.

December 2018 Update from St. Louis: So once again, this is how cruising goes. Cruising costs a lot more than we thought it would. It costs a lot more than we planned. So when a job fell in Tj's lap that paid an obscene amount of money for very little work, we couldn't say no. So Kintala is up for sale. We'll take a two or three-year hiatus from cruising to build up the savings account again, and then hopefully set out again on a more age-appropriate trawler. Stay tuned!