Kintala's Cruising Costs Third Year Out

I usually do our cruising costs by the calendar year, but a cruising friend of ours on the sailing vessel Dos Libras posted her costs for their third year out and it motivated me to do our third year so I could compare and contrast. It's a good lesson for those of you preparing to go, because everyone spends differently depending on their boat and their interests.

First, I have to tell you that my costs are very generalized. I'm not motivated to spend my time counting every penny spent in cash and logging it. I would rather spend the time enjoying the view around me. While we're in the States, we put everything on one credit card and pay it off each month. The categories are tracked in my Quicken. As a result, the groceries and miscellaneous supplies categories are a bit blurred. I buy a lot of cleaning supplies, paper products, and stuff like tape or tools or a new pan when I go to the grocery store. Most of our Amazon orders are for miscellaneous supplies but some are for groceries that I can't buy in the store like our organic Fair Trade cocoa powder. A lot of our Amazon orders are mixed with boat supplies and maintenance stuff and these orders do not get split categories so, again, this is blurred. It all works out about even though if I categorize the grocery store as food and the Amazon as Miscellaneous supplies.

When we go to the Bahamas, we work mostly with cash. When we do the initial cash withdrawal I attempt at that time to break it down into the basic percentages of food, fuel, water, propane, phones/data, etc. After three years we have it pretty down pat. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us or you can read our book for more detailed information.

Third Year Cruising 10-19-2015 to 10-18-2016

Description Amount

Bank Fees -$3.00
Boat Maint:Bottom Cleaning -$235.00
Boat Maint:Misc Supplies -$1,301.00
Boat Maint:Parts -$2,689.60
Boat Maint:Service -$747.00
Boat Maint:tools -$116.00
Cash -$40.00
Charity -$47.00
Clothing -$430.00
Diesel & Gasoline -$628.00
Dining Out -$1,381.00
Docking -$193.00
Entertainment -$888.00
Food -$8,954.00
Gifts Given -$394.00
Boat Insurance -$2,467.00
Towing Insurance -$174.00
LandTravel -$2,757.00
Laundry -$183.00
Legal -$176.50
Health Insurance -$4,961.75
Medical:Dentist -$250.00
Medical:Doctor -$166.11
Medical:Glasses -$454.00
Medical:Hospital -$1,262.00
Medical:Medical Professional -$83.00
Medical:Medicine -$109.00
Other Medical -$505.00
Memberships -$124.00
Misc -$200.00
Misc Supplies -$1,928.00
Mooring -$518.00
Navigation -$204.00
Phones -$2,102.00
Propane -$69.42
Pumpout -$21.00
Taxes -$152.35
Tax:Prep Fees -$140.00
Work Costs for Snead Island -$325.00

OVERALL TOTAL -$37,378.73

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