Friday, June 6, 2014

Counting down …

I have been away from home for what feels like a very, very long time. In actuality it has only been thirty days as of today, and there are only eight more to go. While I have been away from home for what seems like a lifetime, Daughter Eldest and her family have been at their new boat home, “Floating Bear”, for what I would guess feels like a very short time. The quantum mechanics folks are onto something, time really is a very weird thing.

Floating Bear is on a mooring ball next to Kintala, which has been the actual “home” for all involved for the last few weeks. Floating Bear, like every boat I have ever heard of, was sold as a “good boat ready to sail” and discovered to be a “man this thing needs a lot of work” boat instead. All who have ever trod this path learned that it is tons easier to work on a boat that is not one's living space at the same time. So Kintala became the default support vessel, crew rest area, parts supplier, and work shop for Floating Bear.  

A couple of days before my return Floating Bear will take on the task of being an actual home, not just a potential one.  Her new crew will move aboard, take up residence, and start figuring out how to live on this thing.  A few days after my return our mini-flotilla will head north.

Then the fun will really begin.

I have mentioned before that living on a boat full time is a far, far different thing than living on a boat for weekends. And that living on a boat full time that is under way is an ever further thing from living on a boat in a marina or on a mooring. Floating Bear will go from project to home to being an adventure, just like every full time, live aboard, cruising boat ever has. The crew of Floating Bear has jumped into the deep end of the ocean, feet first, assuming they can learn how to swim.  It is a pretty bold thing they have done.

I just wanted them to know how proud I am to be “Grampy T” to such a crew, and that I can hardly wait to see them again.

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Rharriscpa said...

So what type of boat is she. So you mean the surveyor and broker didn't tell the WHOLE story. LOL. Good luck and best wishes to the brave young family for taking this protest on with little ones.