Thursday, January 2, 2014

Friends new and old

Yesterday we met another old/new friend from the blog world. Bob has been following our story for a while. His cruising plan includes a solo circumnavigation, rather more bold than my plan of just keeping Kintala floating and mobile. Lunch and a tour of the area, including a look at Kintala's next planed anchorage, gave Bob a chance to share some of his knowledge of boating in the this area, working the ICW to advantage, and going off shore. Thanks again Bob!

The rest of the day was spent visiting with long-time friends from our years at Carlyle. Rey and Mary have a home just a few blocks from where we are moored. You can imagine the catching up and story telling that flowed though the afternoon and evening, raging all the way from ICW trials to weird weather to politics. I don't get the chance to talk politics all that often for all the reasons you can imagine. Rey was more than a match for my off-the-reservation world views and, though we agree on a lot of far ranging issues, he left me with some new perspectives and even got in the last word. It has been a while since I've enjoyed such a friendly yet spirited conversation – it was a real treat.

The only thing yesterday lacked was sunshine. It was rainy, misty and grey all day long. Bob claimed Kintala brought it with her from up north. He did admit that he added water to his pool and washed his car, so I think it was him who woke up the rain gods.

This morning we woke to clear skies and water so vibrant with deep color that the word "blue" just isn't enough. I puttered on the foredeck for a while, cleaning up from the last few days of being on the anchor but mostly so I could say I had done something useful today while Deb shared some time with a cruiser friend we met in Oriental a few weeks back. Then the hammock was deployed for the first time since we left Oak Harbor. The sun and warm breeze washed away the last bit of tension left over from months of flogging a reluctant boat down the ICW. For a while this morning my little bit of the world was so close to perfect as to be nothing short of a gift from the muse.

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