Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Probably the most asked question we get from non boating people (or NBPs as they used to be called in our old marina) is “Why? Why would you possibly want to live on a small boat without TV?” Today this is an easy answer for me. There are four or five boats anchored closely together in the little harbor where we are in Wrightsville Beach. One of the boats is Bees Knees, the one I mentioned in a previous post. It is captained by a single-hander, a woman, and her dog. Today was the day she had set aside to do her engine maintenance – oil change, fuel filter change, and impeller change, the last of which was giving her some difficulty. The impeller was stuck and she needed a tool to remove it. She caught us on our way back to the boat after having taken a walk on the beach (more on that later) but, as one of our dockmates at our old marina opined, the first tool we were asked for would be one we didn't have in spite of the fact that we had taken what most people believed to be too many tools. She zipped off to the next boat but was unsuccessful in finding one. After being gone a good bit of the afternoon, we were cleaning up the deck in preparation for our departure tomorrow when she popped out of the companionway on her boat and shouted “I did it! Yesss!!”, all the while doing a bit of a dance. Everyone on all the boats began to clap and whistle to congratulate her on her success.

This is a unique community that we have joined. Friendships are strong, swift, and all-encompassing. Courtesy is the rule, generosity and encouragement the standard. Have you ever wondered how good the world would be if politicians would just step aside and let us all do our thing?


S/V Veranda said...

Politicians are all driving those powerboats pushing the 4 foot wakes on the ICW

Robert Sapp said...

So what was the tool? Those of us preparing our boats might like to know :-)

Deb said...

It was an impeller puller specific to her Yanmar engine.