Monday, December 9, 2013


Last night’s trip planning for today included a pick-up-the-anchor when the sun comes up and go. That would give us the best play on the tidal currents and keep Kintala’s speed above 5 knots. Those plans went bust the moment I stuck my head out of the companionway and looked out onto a solid wall of white. Mr. Fog didn’t depart until after a few minutes after noon, so neither did Kintala.

Once underway the ICW was much friendlier today, even with the current now on our bow most of the day and holding our speed to less than 5 knots. There was actual sunshine and, for a little while, we could shed the heavier coats without provoking and good case of the shivers. Winyah Bay was flat as a pond but the shores were far enough away that it felt like we were boating once again, not taking a ride at Water World. The Estherville Minim Creek canal was much wider and deeper than the ICW of late as well, all adding up to a much needed “good day”. (Several encouraging emails and comments helped as well. We are clearly not the first sailors to find the ICW an acquired taste – thanks all!)

It was such a good day that we pushed right passed the Minim Creek anchorage while figuring we had plenty of daylight left to reach the S. Santee River. And we did. Fifteen minutes after the hook was set Mr. Fog swept back in. Visibility can be measured in scant feet once again as Kintala is boxed in with solid walls of white.

If you see this you better be where you're going. This fog bank rolled in to zero zero in less than 10 minutes.

I settled into the cockpit to check the weather while Deb cleaned some spilled diesel out of the bilge. (Before dinner I found the leak and performed the ritual of the lying on of wrench.) Just as Weather Bug was telling of a dense fog advisory a solo dolphin snuck up on our port side and sounded just a foot or so behind my back. Wasn’t expecting that and almost tossed my phone into the drink.

Tomorrow looks like a wetter, not so nice day. But we are closing in on Charleston and that feels like progress (not sure why).

If you want a cute little demo of a cable ferry like the one in this pic, you can click here.


S/V Veranda said...

We're both so glad to see you making serious progress. When you get to Beaufort,Sc consider Factory Creek. The marina is a buck a foot and if you decide to anchor instead you can still dinghy in and tie up there to walk to everything you might need. Tell dockmaster Steve that your friends of ours and he will take care of anything you need. He and his wife Gloria are great people.

Deb said...

Thanks Bill. We appreciate the heads up. It definitely makes the job of finding a place easier.