Monday, November 4, 2013

Tartan forty twosies

There were 34 Tartan 42 sailing vessels built over the course of the short production run. A few of them have seen their demise leaving only about 30 left, so it was a real pleasure for us to host the owner and crew of Zephyr on Kintala for breakfast this morning. Stephen has been gracious enough to help us over the last year or so with a lot of advice and information about how Zephyr is set up and how she handles cruising. He is single-handing Zephyr down to the islands and happened to be in Oriental overnight last night with his crew Skip. We had a good chance to spend some time with them last night and again for breakfast this morning. What a kick to only have 30 Tatan 42s and have two of them in the same marina!

Fair Winds Stephen as you continue your journey. 


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Alex Rooker said...

My wife and I were in oriental Friday night thru Sunday morning. If you had dinner at Toucan's on Saturday night I'm sure we were there at the same time. One of the diners looked just like Deb.

Diann and I are in the final stages of research for a boat. We will be catamaran folks due to Diann's abhorrence of heeling. We were there to update information for our blog and to see three boats.

I'll continue to follow your blog and look forward to crossing paths.

When passing thru Myrtle Beach stop over at Captain Poo's. It is a true locals place and is both boater and biker bar. The food specials are value city!

When passing thru Charleston there's a place at Sheem Creek that's an oyster bar- worth doing the dingy thing to get there.

Be sure to check out Emily's in Beaufort SC. Great Tapas food and good wine value.

In Georgia you'll get to Kill Kenny (spelling may be off but a good stop over.)

Have fun..................
Eat well !!