Friday, November 29, 2013

Good-bye walk-a-bout.

 Today was spent getting out of the tied-to-a-pier-fixing-the-boat mode and back into a going-new-places-on-the-boat mode. Such a day allows one to enjoy many of the benefits of living and cruising on a sailboat. Topping the list is everyone's favorite, pumping out the holding tank using a hand cart. Note to self; an empty cart with nearly flat tires rolls downhill rather easily. A full cart with now very flat tires going uphill takes all the joy out of the task. Then we loaded the LPG tanks onto our little hand trolley and headed off to the hardware store for refills. Note to self; empty tanks and tiny tires is no problem. Full tanks and tiny tires take all of the joy out of the task. Fortunately new friends Chris and Sherry pulled up in a big 'ol diesel pick-up truck just as I was headed back across the parking lot and offered a quick ride back to the boat. They are the owners of the Gulfstar 44 I mentioned a couple of days ago and (naturally) were on a search for boat parts. Perfect timing so far as I was concerned.

With bottles secure in their locker I headed back up the road to help Deb carry groceries. The one mistake we haven't made is stuffing food on the boat as if our holding tank is a black hole with infinite capacity. Eight days is about the max between stops. The last boat chore for the day was installing a couple of padeyes in the cockpt to anchor tethers. For once a job went quick and easy and soon all the tools were packed away as well.

Then we went on a good-bye walk about. Ellen and Randy and Pat were all at the store. They have been nothing but the best in helping us be on our way. We chatted a bit about good places to anchor as we make our way South, there is nothing like talking to people for whom this is "home". It will be cold for a while but we are looking forward to being on the hook. Internet access will be the usual hit or miss when it comes to making blog posts. (An aside, the City of St. Louis thinks I still live there and sent a Jury Duty notice via our mailing address; which happens to be where Daughter Middle lives. It was kind of fun explaining to the court clerk that we lived on a boat (without TV!) and had no plans of being anywhere near St. Louis for awhile. In addition to the phone call she wanted an "official" email. Not sure what that means but I sent one today, complete with a copy of our invoice from the marina attached. Getting slapped with a summons when we do get back to St. Louis would be a bit of a downer. You don't think of things like Jury duty when tossing off the land lines.)

Ray's bikes had to be returned so we headed there after the store. The bikes got parked back next to the Enfield / sidecar rig but Ray wasn't home to accept Deb's gift of homemade pumpkin bread. We left a loaf securely wrapped and hanging on his front door; though the squirrels might get to it if he doesn't get home pretty quick. Then we made a last stop by Prinses Mia for a parting cup of tea with Martijn. We may see him again as he is headed for Moorehead City in the morning as well. After that he is off (weather permitting) to Bermuda while Kintala sticks to the ditch for a few more days. We hope to head outside soon (thus installing the padeyes) but for now following the ICW gets us to places where there are people we want to meet and see.

So come morning Kintala should be back on the move.


Unknown said...

Wow what an experience you guys had in Oriental, I think you could write a book on everything that happened. Congrats on cutting the dock lines.

Pat and Joan said...

We had thought of keeping an presence here for voting and such but now I think about jury duty I amy have to re-think that. Enjoy the journey south. The Gulfstar 44 is one of the boats on the short list. But we can't seem to find any active owners. Any chance you could help me get hold of the couple in Oriental?
Pat and Joan