Sunday, November 17, 2013

Galley window 11-17-13

Here's the view from my galley port this evening. This large power yacht has been next to us since we got here, but the people had gone home to Texas to visit so it's been sitting vacant. It has served to act as a very nice wind block on South and Southeast winds, one that we will miss since they are leaving and the wind is turning that direction soon. It's kind of odd to look out my window while cooking after dark to see  what looks like a large house interior. You can't see the actual boat in the dark, just the interior of the boat highlighted, and since the water is calm this evening and we're not rocking, it almost feels as if we're on land. Very disconcerting.

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Mike M. said...

Oh, that IS kinda weird. It certainly looks like you're parked next to a house. I feel like a peeping-Tom...or peeping-Mike. hehe