Wednesday, November 27, 2013

After the blow

Coming up on 1100 hours, rain still pelts the boat and the winds are still gusting past 20 knots. But compared to last night all is sunny, quiet, and calm. It appears that Kintala came through without any damage, we are still floating anyway, everything still seems to be working and the hull appears unmarked. Given the torrents of rain that pounded the deck all night it is even kind of dry inside with just a couple of minor leaks. (One around the mast boot still ... argh!) Two of the boats upwind of us ended up with damaged bowsprits; the one that pounded the pier split its rub rail literally from stem to stern with a small chunk hammered out and missing. There is a trawler in a slip near the end of the pier, as exposed as could be to last nights storm. It didn't get damaged but the Captain is still a bit rattled after the night he endured.

So today we will dry clothes, clean up the inside of the boat a little, walk around, maybe trade stories with other sailors, and perhaps catch up on a little sleep. Tomorrow we have a reservation for Thanksgiving dinner at the marina restaurant. Friday is prep the boat day and, with any luck, Saturday will see us underway once again. The storm is past, time to move on.


Jeff Lovett said...

Pleased to learn you rode out last night's foul weather without damage.

Robert R Harris said...

I am sure that mast leak is disappointing given the fact you used Spartite