Monday, August 20, 2012

Measure three times...

...cut once.  After reviewing the Sailrite DVD again I discovered that we had possibly made our snap line on the deck too far aft when we did our pattern, so that when we would have tried to fold the frame forward it would not have folded all the way down without unsnapping it. We did the patterning again on the frame and made some adjustments, and the resulting lines are much more pleasing. Now I think we're nearing the cut point.

Old Layout
New Layout


bob said...

I am very impressed by you tackling this project.

I wonder what kind of sewing machine you are using?

And yes, the new shape is a significant improvement.


Deb said...


I've been a seamstress for more than 40 years and Tim's been a sheetmetal mechanic for that long too so it's not too hard of a project to tackle, it's just a matter of making sure we have the design the way we want it before we start sewing. We replaced the Sunbrella on the bimini on our old boat Nomad a few years back and we had a good time doing it. The big problem with this project is that we're doing ours differently than most of them so that the three front window pieces will zip completely out. Takes a little extra thought. We're using a Sailrite LZ-1 machine. We bought the kit from sailrite but all you get is a bunch of materials and some general directions. It's up to you to plan the specifics. They're a great company to work with - I can't say enough good about them.


bob said...

Ah, then you are both used to thinking in three dimensions.

You wouldn't be interested in coming out to Seattle and redoing our canvas would you? We are are a little afraid to tackle it.


TJ said...

Bob, having spent a life time working on the things other people designed and built, Deb and I are pretty sure we can figure out anything we need. The problem isn't in skill so much as pure effort. I can't do the 20 hour days I used to reel off without much bother. Kintala is more than an hour drive away, taking working evenings out of the picture. That's what often concerns me the most, the shear number of labor hours that still need to go into the boat. said...

That looks great! We thought about going that route for a dodger for Moonrise, but we don't have the level of experience you two have and we did want it to look right. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out.