Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Good and Perfect

A good day on a boat is:

  • Any day nothing breaks
  • Any day the weather treats you kindly
  • Any day you get to sleep in with a 70° breeze wafting in through the V-berth hatch
  • Any day you spend with other cruisers
  • Any day you sail more than you motor
  • Any day you aren't in a gray cubicle on a Monday morning
But Sunday? Sunday was the rare perfect day.

Tom and Lesa on Panacea
Our friends Tom and Lesa on Panacea texted to see if we might want to go for a short sail Sunday afternoon. (Need you ask?) By 2:00 we were out of the basin and hoisting the main and the jib. We sailed all the way to Egmont Key in 12-15 knot winds and the Island Packet trimmed nicely into it, yielding a steady speed in excess of 6 knots. The breeze was comfortable - not too warm - and the water a deep blue. As we all had plans in the evening, we tacked just before the shipping channel to the Gulf, and headed back to the Manatee River on almost exactly a reciprocal course. Four hours of perfect sailing.

The Mary T, a Morgan 38

It was an elixir, and it would have been enough all on its own, but earlier in the day some folks whose blog we follow contacted us to see if we had time to get together Sunday evening. Although landlocked in Bradenton at the moment due to a family emergency, Ken and Amy on Mary T have traveled from Florida to Isla Mujeres and then on down to Rio Dulce, Guatemala, a trip that holds some interest for us. We wanted to pick their brains. After a short tour of Kintala, we headed over to the Riverside Grill for dinner. We had a wonderful evening trading stories and laughing. All of us have been separated from other cruisers for some time and it was good to remember one of the things we enjoy most about this lifestyle.

Perfect sailing and new cruising friends? Yeah. A perfect day.

The lighthouse at Egmont Key in Tampa Bay

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Fritz Gilbert said...

A wonderful story, well told. Thanks for letting all of us "cubicle sailors" live vicariously through you!