Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Pretty Progress Photos

I had a few folks ask for progress photos as I got the finish on the floor. I now have the 5 bilge hatches done so I thought I'd post the photos of them. The first batch are how they look outside in the sun as the were curing, the last one is how they look in the dark boat. Where we're sitting, the sun goes behind a building about 3:00 in the afternoon so it's pretty dark inside the boat. Again, we're using the Circa 1850 from Jamestown Distributors in a satin finish, 7 coats. Enjoy!


Mike said...

Simply beautiful! I really like how those turned out.


badmojo1966 said...

Beautiful. It's almost a shame to keep them out of the sun. they look glorious.

Sarah said...

Nice job. That's a lotta work!