Monday, July 25, 2016

O530 in the morning...

A walk in the park at Emerson Point
There are only two reasons to be up at 0530 in the morning, weather and departures. Kintala is still tied securely to a dock making it generally unnecessary to get up because of weather. But Daughter Eldest and Family have a long drive ahead of them and wanted to get off before the morning rush hour. Final bags and trip snacks were secured in place and, after a last round of hugs, sleepy little ones were as well. The van's engine hummed to life, interior lights were switched on so the last waves good-bye could be shared, and off they went into the darkness.

Departures are a part of life. Some are easier than others. This was on of the “others”.

It has been two years since Daughter Eldest and Family had been with us on the boat, two years since the summer in Ft. Lauderdale and The Bear. Two years is a long time in the life of little ones, but the boys quickly remembered the rules of boat living. Still, four pairs of adult eyes kept a sharp eye out as they came and went. Kintala was a new experience for Grand Daughter Youngest and, like grand kids before her, climbing the companion way stars to the very top was her new favorite thing. Even though four pairs of adult eyes were trying to keep her in sight as well, at least twice she made it without anyone noticing she was in full climbing mode. A good way to get four adult heats beating quickly.

Seven on Kintala is a full ship load. (Somehow the younger a person is, the more room they take up on a boat.) At night the v-berth and salon were full of the sleeping. For most of the week there was one less during the day, Grampy T being at work. In the evenings there was coloring and book reading and story telling. Rambunctiousness of all kinds would break out without warning. The weekends were for drum circles, train rides, visits to the beach, and Grampy T's best birthday party...ever.

Kintala is a much quieter boat this morning. Another work week will start in a couple of hours, the routine falling quickly back into place.

Departures are a part of life. Some are easier than others.

This was one of the “others”.

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