Monday, December 7, 2015

The Great Escape

Light through the v-berth hatch looks gray and uninviting. While not as cold as in Wrightsville Beach, it doesn't look to be Florida warm out there either. On the other hand, the v-berth is toasty perfect. The only idea provoking any enthusiasm at all is to snuggle deeper into the fuzzy embrace and ignore the coming of another day. Sadly, such ignoring will not allow for escaping the embrace of Sisters Creek. Deb is already up and about. Crawling out of the berth takes a minor act of will. Not bitching and moaning about it takes a massive act of will. One that is only partly successful.

The day doesn't look any better from the top of the companionway. Misty and dreary, low hanging clouds and reduced visibility rule the just-rising sun. It feels like an early start, but by the time deck and engine checks are complete and the Beast kicked awake, Kintala is the next-to-last boat on the dock. Everyone else having already made good their departure. Being tail-end-Charley isn't all bad though, there is plenty of room for getting off the dock against current and wind, making the turn, clearing the signpost, and entering the channel. Mr. Bridge Tender is as cooperative as can be, even having opened his span several times in the past half hour or so to set the captives free. Turn the corner and we are under way once again.

The stop at Sisters Creek wasn't really that bad. We met new friends Terri and Larry, and Friend Kacey drove down from Savanna to visit for a couple of nights. But the wind, modest facilities, out-back location, and Dudley-do-right the Brain-Locked Ranger, took the shine off the place.

The rest of the day goes by easily enough. It feels cold though, and the sun is slow to push aside the clouds. A Skype visit with Daughter Middle and Grand Kids Five comes and goes in early afternoon. Such visits always brighten a day. The last fixed bridge of the route passes overhead, St. Augustine beckons. A boat we shared the dock with at Sisters Creek has suffered some kind of an engine problem and is on the mooring ball we are supposed to take. It takes a few turns while things get straightened out; we see them clearing the mooring. St. Augustine was the very first place we picked up a mooring. We have done it a few times since then.

Even the birds have their beaks tucked in for the cold.

The day's motor run has driven the batteries into float for the first time since we hit Sisters Creek. There will be no need for the generator tonight. The hot water tank is full of hot water. With the deck set for the evening a dirt-dweller's shower, long and hot, feels like a reward well earned.

Kintala is now on the ball and riding into the current and wind, nodding gently in the waves. It is a big improvement over grinding against a dock. The setting sun is visible, its rays belie the still cool temperature. The clouds have finally given way.

Our escape is complete.

The sun finally poking through. What a difference in the surrounding colors with the sunshine.

Peering out the St. Augustine inlet. Glad we chose the inside route today.
A St. Augustine tour ship
St. Augustine all lit up for Christmas


Unknown said...

Are you guys going to the White Lion tonight for the cruiser's half priced wings and beer special? If so we will see you there.
Steve Fisher

Unknown said...

Remember the Greek Restaurant at the foot of the Bridge of Lions. Share an entre' and get an extra salad. Carafe of wine is their vino bargain.

City bus service sucks. If the sponsored marina shuttle is still running, it has been reliable and a bargain- and will help with propane refill at value price.

Best wishes from Southport NC.

Happy travels for you..........