Thursday, December 10, 2015

Broken dreams

The Florida ICW can be beautiful, populated with a much greater number of various types of wildlife than you see farther up north. We've seen dolphins more than we can count, pelicans that let the bow wake push them out of the way while staring haughtily at you like the intruder you are, the hilarious antics of the cormorants with their gigantic fish catches, and the occasional turtle popping up to check us out. Unfortunately, the wildlife is usually perched amidst the remnants of so many broken dreams. All along the Florida ICW there is an endless string of sunken and anchored boats in varying states of disrepair. In the midst of the fierce anchoring law debate in this state, it's hard to remember that each one of these wrecks represents somebody's dream of freedom lost. It's sobering.

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Robert Sapp said...

That must be why we don't hear anything about anchoring controversy and proposed restrictive laws over here in our part of Florida. The derelict boat thing is just not an issue here. I couldn't really say why that is, as NW Florida is much less wealthy than the eastern part of the state. But you just don't see broken down or abandoned boats in these parts, other than maybe one or two wrecks that were thrown up on the beach during past hurricanes and have become local landmarks.

Rhonda & Robert
S/V Eagle Too
Pensacola, FL