Saturday, October 17, 2015

Some pics

I've been really lax about posting both here and on Facebook lately, mostly because we're out in the boondocks and haven't had much in the way of internet. I've also been terrible about getting pictures with friends we meet and/or visit, mostly because when we're together we're having such a good time I just never think about getting pictures. Then....when I finally think about getting pictures something happens like my phone camera goes all wonky as evidenced by this weird pic I posted the other day of our friends on Rover.

So I tried to rectify the situation but couldn't manage to get both of them in one place at one time before we left the Severn River Marina, so here at least is a good picture of Mike in the absence of Anja who was walking their dogs. Mike was waiting patiently to help us off the dock on day two of our attempt to do so, fortified with a large mug of coffee.

Somehow, since leaving our summer marina, I managed not to post pictures of David and Nancy our good friends from Oak Harbor, or Sue and Wayne who we met there, or Stephen, our good friend and fellow Tartan owner who generously hosted us at Kent Narrows, or Jan and Steve who we visited with in Chestertown, or Cindy and family, our good friends at Back Creek, or Tom and Maje who we know through Women Who Sail, or Carl and Ardys our new friends who we met while in Annapolis, or Ken on Catatude, or I'm sure I'm still forgetting someone else. I really, really have to get better at those group selfie things.

So, since I'm lacking any friend pictures, I'll leave you with some miscellaneous pretty pics from the last few days.

An interesting tug whose owners live aboard full time on her at Severn River Yachting Center
The military presence on the Chesapeake is sometimes astounding.
The parade leaving Mile Zero led by Kokopelli
Kokopelli in the Great Bridge Lock
One of the neatest boats I've ever seen. Anyone have any idea at all what it is???
We rarely travel with anyone so having Kokopelli as a buddy boat has been a treat!
The northern mouth of the Alligator Pungo Canal as seen from our anchorage spot
This barge approached the anchorage just as we were leaving. We decided to let him go ahead since he was doing 6.4 knots
and that's just a tad to fast for us. He took up over half the canal width and the total width of the channel. Good thing we didn't meet him coming the other way!!!

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