Monday, April 7, 2014

Bahamas and Eleuthras Picture Post

At long last, bandwidth sufficient to post some pictures! Sorry for the wait.
Our good friends Bill and Christy on Veranda

Our favorite coffee house in Marsh Harbour
One of the many boats we passed on our way from Hope Town to Egg Island

Entrance channel to Hope Town
Hope Town Light House

Hope Town Harbour from the Sugar Shack balcony
Golf carts are the preferred means of travel. The streets are really narrow in all of these towns.

One of the many Hope Town Hideaways places
Hope Town street

Beach north of Hope Town

Hope Town

All of the houses are painted with incredible colors

Hope Town Hideaways

Beach north of Hope Town

Methodist Church in Hope Town

All of my granddaughters would love this place. Pink and purple houses abound!

Hope Town store

Hope Town channel as seen from the shore

These monuments are everywhere

Hope Town Harbour from the dinghy

Hope Town is still our favorite place so far

The ubiquitous Donnie's ferries

Hope Town Light House as seen from our anchorage

Kintala at anchorage West of Hope Town

Two of the two dozen boats that passed us going north while we were headed south to Egg Island. We had to plot our course East of the courseline about a half mile just to steer clear of the parade.

Henry doing the steering

The water in the anchorage at Egg Island. This is the most beautiful water we have seen anywhere

Egg Island anchorage

Galley window view in the Royal Harbour anchorage

Royal Harbour anchorage

Mooring field at Spanish Wells

On our walkabout in Spanish Wells. Bananas growing in peoples' yards

Had to take this picture for my granddaughters. There are pink, purple, yellow, orange, blue houses everywhere, but a pink driveway?  All it needed was a pink golf cart in the garage...

Beach north of Spanish Wells

Ferry that goes between Spanish Wells and Eleuthra Island

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