Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Abacos Picture Post

This was taken through 9 feet of water. Clear water. We're definitely not in Carlyle Lake anymore...

Clear enough to see our mast shadow on the bottom in 10 feet of water

A three foot barracuda parked right under our boat in Great Sale Cay

Our buddy boat Ellida

Our dolphin buddies in water clear enough to see them. We love these guys. They always make us smile.

Our cutter rig deployed. Kintala loves to sail and she's so happy when all her sails are up.

We got to practice using our whisker pole. It made Kintala and the Captain both very happy.

One of the scenic towns along the Abaco Islands

You can clearly tell the shallows around here by the lighter color of water.

One of the cool boats we saw while sailing from Crab Cay to Green Turtle Cay

Signs like this are EVERYWHERE around New Plymouth in Green Turtle Cay. They're all competing for the cruiser's business which is their lifeblood here

The town of New Plymouth on Green Turtle Cay and the first hill we've seen in months.

The main harbor at New Plymouth on Green Turtle Cay

One of six churches servicing this small town. Any flavor you want.

The colors of everything here are so brilliant that it almost hurts your eyes

The cruiser's dinghy dock in New Plymouth on Green Turtle Cay

This one is for my brother the retired Methodist minister. The local Methodist church.
Donnie's Marina and mooring balls. The customer service here just can't be beat.

Looking north over the Black Sound on the south end of Green Turtle Cay


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