Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pizza! Pizza!

We have 7 blue plates on the boat, you know the non-skid kind of non-breakable plates that everyone has. Seven, not a set of eight, because West Marine had them on their mark-down display for $.50 each once upon a time but they didn't have eight. Fortunately, we only have five friends here at Dinner Key Mooring Field so everyone got a plate tonight for pizza night. At 6:00, dinghies started arriving to the amidships step on Kintala, met by Tim who helped them aboard and stowed their dinghy at the stern. By 6:15 Kintala looked like a mama hen with a brood of chicks trailing. In attendance were our friend John on Ellida from our home lake in Illinois, Kirsi that we met through the Women Who Sail group on facebook, Katrina, who we also met through the same group, and her husband Keith and their guest from Taiwan, Roderick. We ate pizza from Cruising Comforts fame, drank our chosen beverages and chatted the evening away. It was a most pleasant evening made more enjoyable by culture and language comparisons with Roderick and the fact that it was Katrina's first sundowner since taking off cruising all the way back in October. Without a doubt that lack had to be remedied. Roderick fit right in, having found Kristina and Keith through a site called Couch Surfing, a site that pairs travelers with people who will host them. He was pretty pleased that his surfing took him to the couch on a boat, not exactly what he had envisioned. I, on the other hand, found it pretty amazing that this 20 year old traveled all the way around the world to spend a week on someone's settee who he'd never met. Cruisers being cruisers, he was a perfect fit and we had a wonderful time talking to him. This evening was another one of those, "When you dreamed of cruising, is this what you imagined?"

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