Saturday, December 21, 2013


St. Augustine is a Christmas destination it appears. There are a ton of tourists running around from an unbelievable amount of different countries. We had to walk a bunch today to run some errands and we heard languages from all over the place. A lot of people had come to see the fort and to take pictures of the costumed soldiers shooting their rifles. Others stood at the seawall and took pictures of the crazy sailors who live on their boats as they waited in line for their pirate ship harbor cruise. Still others shopped at every imaginable kind of shop for the requisite credit-card-busting holiday expenditures.

It's a bit much for me, the crowds and the noise, but we still took a stroll in search of the perfect ice cream cone, mingling with the crowds as we waited for the wind to die down enough to get the dinghy back to the boat over the choppy water.  Sated with double scoops of mint chocolate chip and coconut, we battled the waves and took a salt bath to make our way back to Kintala. I was happy to be back aboard after our walkabout, my book in hand and the comfort of the v-berth beckoning.

Today was remarkable in its wholly unremarkable nature. It was such a typical cruiser day, running errands, looking for ice cream, and running to and fro in the dink, cooking and napping, that I guess we can call ourselves genuine cruisers. Imagine that.



Robert Salnick said...

You've made it, haven't you?

And I am appropriately jealous of your warm weather, turquoise water and palm trees.

s/v Eolian
Gloomy Seattle

Deb said...

Bob yes it seems we have "made it" although that's an ongoing process I believe. So when are you coming to join us???