Sunday, July 21, 2013

Aft cabin project pics

The aft cabin is finished with the exception of a few coats of wax so here are the pics for your perusal.

This is the starboard aft cabin berth that we removed the mattress from. We bought these hardwood drawers from Lowes in a kit for less money than we could have bought the materials.

Tim built a bulkhead across the foot of the berth at the same location as the front of the pantry cupboard. The area behind this bulkhead will store boxed tools like drills and the Dremel. In this picture he's working on installing the wire shelves that will hold our Harbor Freight plastic storage boxes. And yes, we know the shelves are upside down. We needed the lip to keep the boxes from sliding back and forth every time we tack.

The finished project minus the waxed finish. There is a handy shelf on the top for putting the tools currently being used. Below the hinge are the two drawers that hold tools. You can now see the door on the bulkhead to access the boxed tool storage. We left enough room then in front of the drawers for guests to put their duffels.

Here it is with the front panel lowered on the hinge. This makes our workbench which will soon have a quick-mount vice on the corner in the front of the picture. It's hard to see in the picture, but under the workbench are three drawers that we put 100# heavy duty sliders on and locks to hold our heaviest tools.

The drawers have good sliders on them and are stopped by the fiddle.

The cupboard at the foot holds an amazing amount of junk tools.


Latitude 43 said...

Nice work. It's making me re-think my "work bench". Deb would shoot me if I strayed from the aft head, or freezer project, so I'll just ignore this post.

Sabrina and Tom said...

Very nice! You mentioned pulling out the mattress. Is that for good or just during this project? I think this is taking the place of the berth but not 100% sure. Just curious.

Matt Mc. said...

Super efficient!

Deb said...

@Sabrina - we took the mattress out permanently. The aft cabin has a double berth directly across from it and we have the pilot berth and two settees if we have guests. We needed the space for the tools much more than for a once-a-year guest that might need it. Someone may have to sleep in the cockpit or the foredeck hammock, but that's the way it goes in cruising.

Deb said...

@Paul - disclaimer for Deb: I am NOT responsible for any project diversions you may undertake :)

Deb said...

@Matt - It is a thing of beauty isn't it?

Robert Salnick said...

Deb/TJ -

I also run the Small Boat Projects blog.

I am wondering if you would allow me to re-post this entry there? I re-post only articles that are not 'current', which has a tendency to give them a second life. And each re-post gets a link back to the original article. Also, you would get a permanent link in the Contributors column.

If you are amenable to this, I wonder if you would also give me permission to do this for other articles which might fit the Small Boat Projects profile in the future?

s/v Eolian