Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I have a box of cruising books that I would like to give to some person dreaming about or starting to prepare for cruising. These books have been very helpful to us but I'm cleaning out the closets some more and they need to go. If you're interested in them, drop me a line and I'll pick the best one to receive the stash.

svkintala att gmail dott com

Here's the list of books:

Escape From Someday Isle - The Best of Living Aboard
Travels With Yeti - HIram Connell
Sailing the Dream - John F. McGrady
Seraffyn's Mediterranean Adventure - Lin and Larry Pardey
Blown Away - Herb Payson
There Be No Dragons - Reese Palley
The Capable Cruiser - Lin and Larry Pardey
Tales From a Gimbaled Wrist - Michael L. Martel
Sailing Promise - Alayne Main
A Year in Paradise - Stephen Wright Watterson
Do Dolphins Ever Sleep? - Pierre-Yves and Sally Bely
The Essentials of Living Aboard a Boat - Mark Nicholas
Cost Conscious Cruiser - Lin and Larry Pardey

Good luck!

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Unknown said...

Planning to leave in three years and I'd love to have those books.