Sunday, February 17, 2013

Settee Cushion Pics

I finished the starboard side this weekend so here's the final pics.





Phil and Lorraine said...

The cushions look very nice. did you make them yourself? I redid our cushions too, but didn't put in the buttons. thanks for the photos.

S/V Changes
1978 C&C 34

Deb said...


I did make them. If you go back a few posts I have the list of materials I used. I bought a Sailrite LZ1 machine a few years back and I've used it a lot on this boat so far.

Latitude 43 said...

You did a fantastic job on those cushions. Can I send our old ones to you, or would you rather spend some time in Florida with your sewing machine? If you start with the V berth, you can sleep in there. Take as much time as you need :)

SV Kelly Nicole

Deb said...


Yeah I got the same reaction from a bunch of people at the marina who want me to do theirs lol. Unfortunately I have to finish Kintala's winter projects first!

Hope to have a chance to meet you guys soon.

Callum Pragnell said...

Revamp looks great, the cushions look very nice - good job!

First Class Sailing

Deb said...

Thanks Callum! Welcome to the blog. I see you're in the UK. We would love to make the crossing some day to the UK but age and/or time may prevent it. I may have to live vicariously through your site!