Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dodger Phase Complete :)

We had one more project to complete on the dodger to call it complete. Since we don't have the money to do a complete cockpit enclosure right now, we decided to add a panel across the back of the dodger to close it off in cold weather so we can open the companionway slider and let both light and air in. The span across the dodger is completely flat, though a bit oddly shaped, but seemed easy enough. Easy??? Did that word actually come out of my mouth as related to a sailboat? It turned out to be the most complicated bit of work that I have done on Kintala to date. Now, I'm the first to admit that it became complicated because I wanted it designed a certain way, but as I thought about the design I had decided I wanted an opening door with screen in it and a roll-up plastic window, a system of zippers similar to the ones you find on a tent where the door opens whether it's just the screen part or the total screen and tent part zipped together. It was a mind-bending assembly of 9 zippers in multiple layers and I'm very very glad it's done!

From inside

From inside


Bill K said...

Looks very good. :)

And you saved yourself a ton of money.

Bill Kelleher

Robert Salnick said...

Beautiful. I wish I could commission you to do a new cockpit enclosure for our boat.

s/v Eolian

Deb said...

Thanks all. We did save a ton of money but this will be one project I would never do in the canvas business. For the hours I put into it, I'd have made about $.25 an hour lol.