Sunday, July 1, 2012

Enjoying the moment

As Tim posted earlier, this weekend was the Fourth of July fireworks festivities at Carlyle Lake. This is usually a pretty rowdy affair as evidenced by our 2011 powerboat fiasco, but the 107° heat scared all but the most hardy away and left us with a very laid-back group to celebrate with.

I am rarely more than a few feet from my camera while we're on the boat, taking pictures of other people's boats for my Carlyle picture blog, but this weekend I hardly took any pictures at all. It might have been the heat that just flat out sapped all my energy out of me, but I found myself laying on the trampoline of Grey Hound, (Thor's new Farrier 33 trimaran that makes a great platform for watching fireworks) with my camera 4 boats away in Kintala's salon. I thought for a moment about going to get it, since Carlyle's fireworks rival any big city's in quality and these were going to be displayed directly over the nearly full moon, but just as I'd about decided to drag my seriously hot and tired behind off the tramp, someone behind me said, "Oh I forgot my camera down below." Her husband said, "Leave it there. Just enjoy the moment. You'll remember it forever anyway." I thought about that and decided that he was absolutely right. So while I'd love to have some pictures for the blog for you of fireworks displayed over the moon, you'll just have to take my word for it that it was spectacular and I will indeed remember it forever.  Hope you all have a great Fourth of July celebrating the freedom that we have in this country to be able to choose to go cruising, or whatever your dream might happen to be.


S/V Veranda said...

Pictures never seem to do justice to a great fireworks display. Good call staying where you were....

darwinfeldman said...

Will definitely do this when I retire!

Darwin Feldman
Retirement Specialist