Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Destination

I follow a blog called Terra D'Agua which, if you've never been, is worth looking at. One of the two writers, Tassio, wrote a thought-provoking piece about the destination being the journey. His quote:

"Who gives time to meet the paths of a place is usually rewarded with surprising moments of pure authenticity. For sure the stop over on the city or next port is really appreciated but when I travel I try not to focus only on my port of arrival, my destination is sometimes in between a place and the other."


I was thinking a lot on that quote today because it seems like the path to the destination of our departure is getting farther away instead of closer. The house won't sell, we're having mechanical issues, the mountain of things that would need done to actually move out of the house if it did sell is astronomical, etc etc. It discourages me sometimes because I keep celebrating birthdays in the meantime.

Then today, even though we couldn't sail (no water in the lake), I got a lot of canvas work done and Tim got a lot of teak cleaned and ready for refinishing, and we had some good times with friends at the marina, and for the moment it occurred to me that our departure, while it's a goal, is only a piece of the journey we're already on. 

So for now my destination is in between a place and the other.


Latitude 43 said...

Nice post Deb.
When we started on this journey it looked insurmountable. The house, the stuff, the boat, it was all so much to do, and then the time flew by, and we're almost ready. However, goals change, lives change, so this post reminds me not to look too far down the road at our destination, but enjoy the moments getting there.
So, I will enjoy putting in a holding tank, and replacing the aft head this week. Moments to cherish, with rubber gloves and a mask :)

Freedom-Kewl Change said...

Deb...I will start from page one this weekend....Thanks John

Robert Salnick said...

Well said!

...and tho we are saddened by your travails, it is the journey you are on that keeps us coming back to read...

We celebrate your successes with you and we commiserate your problems.

s/v Eolian

Ken n Cheryl said...

Great post! We're in the "same boat" ... almost 3 years ago we purchased our sailboat (Nirvana) and have since hit one brick wall after another! BUT, we haven't given up and are finally ready to put that "For Sale" sign in the front yard. (As a real estate agent I think we may actually be able to sell our home since it's on the water).

So many times during our struggles we've reminded ourselves that the journey to cruising is a learning experience and once we're cruising we'll appreciate it that much more!

Hang in there, and the time will come when we're all out there!

Mid-Life Cruising!

Kyra and Rick said...

Well written post! (I love Terra D'Agua too) - basically what you're describing is trying to be in the moment - something I work hard at every day - I remember feeling utterly discouraged and overwhelmed many times during the year prior to our departure - hang in there... The rewards are great (and come with their own set of challenges) - but it is worth it... It certainly has been for us. said...

A timely post, indeed. It seems like such an insurmountable task to prepare for this journey. At times, I am totally, completely stuck and I can feel just no momentum at all. Moonrise is not selling, I don't know what to do about the house, our son still has 3 years left of school and we're not getting any younger. If I read another 'go now!' article about cruising, I will probably scream and throw the thing across the room. I try very hard to focus on today, to enjoy my garden, to love my home, to continue to love to sail in this area, knowing I don't want to waste my life 'waiting for the day that I'll...'. Life is now. I'll hold out hope for you guys if you'll hold out hope for us.

Deb said...

Thank you everyone for your kind words. It is very difficult to keep your spirits up on this path but it's encouragement from folks like all of you that make it possible.