Saturday, March 24, 2012

What's in a name?

Kintala: Gypsy for "A State of Balance" or "Karma"

Today was a pretty spectacular day.  Well, actually yesterday was, as it's 1:38 in the morning as I write this after a pretty wonderful party.  You see, today was our boat renaming day at Boulder Marina.  We had 4 boats at the marina all properly denamed and renamed according to John Vigor's official renaming ceremony, followed by a potluck with way too much food and a rather large bonfire, so our boat is officially Kintala, although the vinyl graphics have yet to be put on her sides and stern yet. The weather reports had called for thunderstorms off and on all day, yet we had perfect weather, mid seventies and blue skies - already Kintala was bringing good luck and her name wasn't even official yet.  With a few notable exceptions due to events beyond their control, most of our good friends were in attendance, including the officiator, a Polish priest who happens to be one of the aforementioned good friends. Not being the superstitious type, Tim (those of you who know him well know how big an understatement that is) thought the whole thing was being taken way too seriously, but at the end of the afternoon even the skeptic was won over and confessed to thinking it was a good day.  Unfortunately, he got called out and had to leave the party early to drive back to the city for a 6:00am wheels up Sunday.

The official denaming ceremony - ooops did I point the bottle in Tim's direction accidentally?

The official renaming ceremony

And the toast with Captain Morgan 100 proof
It was a good day.  Boats, good weather, good food, excellent friends, and an occasion to share, and Kintala certainly lived up to her name.  It just doesn't get much better than this.


Latitude 43 said...

Very cool. Looked like a good time.
We have to do the same thing. Our boat was called Alert. No one ever called us on the radio. We have to de-name her. How do you insure "Alert" is scrubbed from the boat? It has to be in every manual on boating. Where did you get your new graphics?

Anonymous said...

Ah Ha!, good fortune will soon follow. Tim has been blogging about the "fun" of owning a boat and all its "thrills". But the problem was you were calling your boat by the wrong name! You insulted the gods (Neptune, Posideon, Aquaman)of the sea and they were punishing you with poor boat luck. Now that the sacrificial imbibbing has occured I'm sure good fortunes will follow. Congrats.