Saturday, June 25, 2011


Since today's radar seems to be the weekend norm:

we've been doing more projects than sailing.  I installed a new light fixture in the head yesterday when we got here since the old flourescent fixture ballast decided that 30 years was enough and installing a new ballast in a 30 year old rusty fixture didn't seem to make much sense.  When the flourescent bulbs wear out we'll get the LED drop-in replacements for it and that should mean that the whole boat interior is converted to LED.  We'll convert the exterior when we step the mast the next time or if one of them burns out but it's not worth a trip up the mast just to do that.
   The foot pump water faucet in the galley sink has a slow weeping leak around the point where it comes through the counter and in the process of taking it apart and cleaning the seals and reassembling it and looking for leaks I discovered that there was a leak at one of the clamps on another hose and in the process of tightening that clamp I discovered that the filter basket for the cold water intake line to the pressure pump was completely clogged with crap and in the process of getting that off and cleaned I discovered that the drain line clamp from the sink was leaking and needed taken apart and cleaned in order to get a good seal...  Ahhh the way of boat projects...
   Today's projects for Tim included finishing the rest of the port lens polishing and I have to say that it's one of the most unbelievable improvements we've made.  It makes the interior of the boat look dramatically newer and decidedly brighter.  Can't run around naked inside the boat anymore though since we're on the main dock and you can actually see through them now...
   The rain continues to fall on the deck so I busied myself with scraping off the brittle glue left on the frame of the companionway from the hideous velcro screen the previous owners used to use.  Not perfect, but it's not worth a complete sand and refinish of the frame. I don't intend to insult any of you that are currently using velcro screens.  They just aren't for me.  This is my liveaboard home and I dont' want it to feel like camping.  By the way, I do have to once again plug one of my favorite products, Goo Be Gone.  Wonderful stuff there. Softened the brittle glue up just enough to scrape it off without damaging the wood.
   The lightning is crashing around the boat once again and the rain is washing off the Corps Bug residue so I guess I'm off to find another interior project for the afternoon.


Bill K said...

I think that is the way all boat projects work.LOL

" Ahhh the way of boat projects..."

Bill Kelleher

Deb said...

I believe you're right Bill, although I did manage to polish the aft berth reading light without causing any additional projects lol.