Friday, May 6, 2011

I feel kind of bad...

...that I don't feel kind of bad.

Though it's only Friday evening we have already been at the lake for a couple of days. After a quick, 1-day, trip south in the jet (and a seriously fun time shooting a GPS approach down to a few hundred feet in the rain) the rest of the week was kind of slow. But another corporate type airplane driver was flying into St. Louis on Wednesday with a full day to spend before heading home on Friday. He lives in OH, used to sail on Lake Erie, is looking to get back on the water, and was hoping to take a look at Nomad as a way to make that happen. I have a couple of vacation days to spare so Dan and Mark (it takes two to make most jets go so Mark had a day to kill as well) picked me up at the house and we headed to the lake. Deb had gone on before to open up the little boat and get her ready to show.

Once at the lake our guests were suitably impressed at the near record high water levels, and seemed equally impressed with Nomad. There was a nice breeze blowing out of the south so we offered Dan and Mark a chance to go sailing. Mark bowed out. It seems last week they were waiting out a day on a coast somewhere and went deep sea fishing. Turns out Mark spent more time feeding the fish than he did trying to catch them, so he was content to stay on the docks.

It was a pretty nice sail. We romped across the lake flying the working jib and main sail while just missing making 6 knots a couple of times. Dan spent a good bit of time on the helm and Nomad did herself proud. We haven't gotten an offer yet, but as I stepped onto the pier after the sail hand ended, I realized we might have taken Nomad out for the last time. And I was a bit surprised at how okay I was with the thought.

I expected to be a little more attached to our little Com-Pac, but the reality is we always knew she was our "practice boat". And she has been a perfect one. I hope she finds a good home. One where she can point her bow out into the Great Lakes would be nice as well, she deserves a chance to sail bigger waters than Lake Carlyle. But what ever happens, the time has come for her to sail off in one direction, and Deb and I to take another.

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