Sunday, May 1, 2011

First Family Visit and Flood Pictures

My youngest daughter and granddaughter came to visit us on the Tartan today.  They were the first family to see the boat after a long parade of marina friends.  My daughter is not fond of sailboats being highly prone to seasickness, and was not completely impressed.  My granddaughter, on the other hand, was totally thrilled and spent a few hours checking out all the available berths to play in, finally settling on the pilot berth as her favorite with Grampy T in close attendance to be sure she didn't tumble off onto the table.  She did manage to wear herself out and flopped in the aft cabin for a short nap.  After her nap we took a tour of the campground to check out the flooding and spent a short time entertaining her on the swings.

Flood water level Thursday, April 28th

Same place on Sunday, May 1st
As I sit here writing, the rain is coming down steadily on the deck. Mean pool on the lake is 443.  The record was set in 2002 at 459.6 and this morning it was 457.07.  It was supposed to crest at 458 on 5/4 if we didn't have any rain but...ooops... we're now supposed to get 2" of the stuff tonight and tomorrow on top of 7-12" we got last week.  

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