Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ok NOW I'm excited

(A slightly modified post - recreating the one that accidentally was deleted...)

Over the past 10 weeks people have been asking me if I'm excited yet.  I purposely kept myself from being excited because let's face it, stuff happens and I didn't want to be disappointed if something did. But sitting there waiting for the truck to pop over the hill on the road into the marina I felt a bit like a husband pacing the waiting room waiting for his baby to be born.  I very nearly jumped up and down as I heard the engine of the truck laboring to climb the hill to the marina with its heavy load.

I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

 Nearing the end of her long trek from Chicago

 Impossibly skinny rails to hit with the tires...

Ready to lower her into the water 

Waiting on them to fill the lift with gas

 Man this is one seriously lonnnnng boat!

 Schmidty's Sea Tow just in case we have engine troubles

 Our first sunset on the boat

Here she sits in her new


KAR said...

She looks good!

Deb said...

Well...right now she's kind of a mess inside because we're tearing things apart to try to find what's there. But soon she'll be back to her pretty self. You'll have to come sail on her this summer for sure!