Monday, November 10, 2008

Slow boat to nowhere

Little Nomad didn't make it out on the lake this weekend. Deb was not feeling 100% and there really was work to do on the boat. So Saturday we winterized the water system, checked over the engine cooling system (again) and tried to turn the boat around to park it stern first against the dock. This seemed like a good idea at the time, it would point the bow into the oncoming winter storms and make access from the cockpit to the dock a lot easier. Deb backed Nomad out of the slip and gave it as good a try as possible, jockeying throttle and helm while trying to keep the bow under control. But the stiff wind had a lot more to say about which way the boat was going than the rudder and underpowered little motor. After several tries she swung the boat close enough to the dock so I could jump on and take a turn. (I had been standing on shore side to handle the lines.) I'm not sure I even got as close as she had and in the end we nosed Nomad into her normal "at dock" orientation and called it a day. Sometimes you get da boat and sometimes da boat gets you.

With Deb fighting a bug we headed home Saturday and spent the rest of the weekend parked in front of the fireplace and watching a series of really bad movies. (Did you ever wonder why Blockbuster has hundreds of titles on the shelves that you have never heard of? Trust me, its because they suck.)

Next weekend its off to Indy for the big party for Kristin. All my girls together in one place; Deb, Kristin, Amber, Melanie, Catherine and Mary; AND my Mom AND my Sister! How cool is that? My Dad and two of three Brothers well be there as well...Indy may never be the same.

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