Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My take on the weekend ride.

It really was a fun weekend. I picked up a bit of metal in the back tire leaving Hot Springs, AR (Where I spent the night after leaving Dallas, TX.) and limped into a place called Russellville on a plug. The Suzuki dealer there took good care of me and I was back on the road with a brand new, super sticky sport tire. Good thing too, since I spent Saturday riding with the “fast boys.” Actually, I just hung on to their rear fenders figuring if their bikes would lean over that far, my bike would learn over that far as well. Turns out I was right and managed not to embarrass myself. I even did a pretty good job of buggering up my brand new back tire by sliding it out of the corners. FUN! There is nothing like trashing a $300 tire in a couple of hundred miles.

Deb and I put in more then 400 miles on Sunday riding at a slightly less insane pace, though still fast enough that Mr. Poe-Poe might have taken us to visit the local jail had he been able to catch us. (I was following Deb watching her slide her rear tire out of the corners!)

I don’t think I’ll be up to such shenanigans in another 10 years or so though. But I did watch a short video of a sailing cat making 20 knots through big waves, and that looked like fun as well. And you know what? That Cat wasn’t leaning over nearly as far as my GSXR.

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