Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Dream

The Retirement Project
(or how to move onto a sailboat)

For our entire married life we have wanted to live near the ocean and have managed only to continue to move farther away from it. With the advent of our 50th birthdays came the usual sorts of life evaluations that one goes through. At what have I succeeded? What contributions have I made? What do I have left that I want to do before I die? Living on the water was high on both our lists.

One day while we were visiting a marina on the river nearby, we happened into a conversation with a boat broker about liveaboard boats. It started a train of thought that grew day by day. We began searching the internet, talking to boaters, reading books, and somewhere in the course of all that, the mist of a dream began to seem tentatively possible. A few more weeks, a few more trips to marinas, a few more internet searches and we have somehow transitioned to the solidly possible.

For any who share the dream, and for our family members who might not understand, this is our story. We don't know where it will take us, but welcome along for the ride!

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