Monday, April 15, 2019

Price Reduced!

Hi. Just in case you're new to this blog, my name is Kintala. I'm a 1982 Tartan 42 designed by Sparkman and Stevens. They really know how to design sailboats, so I have lovely, sleek lines. My hull is designed to have a long waterline when I'm heeled over, and the extra length allows me to go just a little faster. I'm a cutter rigged sailboat, and I just love it when the wind is kicking up and I get to leap over the waves flying everything I've got.

My owners took me from a sad, sad state of neglect and over the last 8 years they worked on every single system I have: improving, customizing, polishing, sanding, varnishing, and giving me all sorts of new stuff like an easy to hoist mainsail with a Strong Track system, a  custom dodger and bimini with a nifty bug screen enclosure to keep the no-seeums out of my cabins, 300 watts of solar, and my favorite, a custom bulkhead table with lots of storage. In order to do all this work, they built a custom workshop with tons of storage for tools and parts (and they have a LOT of tools...) and a real honest-to-goodness workshop bench with a vise.

I have this awesome Mantus anchor on my bow that doesn't ever drag. I love to spend lots of days relaxing at anchor in the Bahamas while my Captain plays ukulele in the cockpit and my Admiral bakes all sorts of delicious smelling things in the galley. She has a couple weeks' worth of supplies stashed in my big pantry so there's always yummy smells wafting from my companionway. I have an amazingly comfortable V-berth where they lay and watch the moon rise and talk till all odd hours of the night about all things philosophical. I guess being out in nature tends to make you think like that.

Any way, they sorta ran out of money before they ran out of places to travel, so for now I'm stuck on these miserably uncomfortable metal jackstands in a boatyard in Florida while they make enough money to go cruising again. I'm not usually one to complain, but I did inform them that I was a sailboat, not a Yard Queen, and that I would much rather prefer the sound of water rushing alongside my hull rather than the blasted trains that run up and down this stretch. So they agreed to trust me to the care of an awesome broker named Melanie Sunshine Neal (don'tcha just love her happy name?) and see if she could find me some new people so I could get back to the water I love so much. And to help me find some new people, they reduced my price to $59,900 this week. So if you want to see all the pretty pictures of my insides, click here. And if you want to talk to Melanie about coming to meet me, just contact her through my Yachtworld ad. I can't wait to meet you!

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