Tuesday, January 8, 2019

It's Official

The ad for Kintala went up on yachtworld.com today. When I closed her up and drove away, it was my only desire to leave her for the new owners the way I would have wanted to find her when we bought her. Take a look at the photos and you be the judge - did I succeed?

You can also see the photos on the tab in the header above.


Matt Mc. said...

Wow. Big moment!

RedDog said...

Hugs... Memories in the making and memories being logged into the memory bank. Can't wait to see you guys in STL.... or here in AR.

Bliss said...

Wow! Great job preparing Kintala. I am always dumbstruck when I see boat listings that include photos of dirty boats with junk lying around everywhere. I guess the other extreme is listings featuring pictures from the original brochure or ones that are years old.

In any case, the Kintala listing looks great and is full of useful information.

Good luck in St. Louis!

Bliss Bailey