Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Going forward

Our first few nights in the new apartment, it will take a while to get acclimated to living this deep in a city. We were pleased to see that there is a clear line of sight from the balcony to the setting sun. I’m tempted to keep the Conch horn close by to mark the day’s end. There is so much noise in the city, one clear note of celebration ringing its way around the buildings couldn’t be a bad thing, could it? I am also curious as to why people ever complain about how a boat smells. The city’s assault on the nose is at least as bad though, like a boat, I suspect that in a few days it will become unnoticeable.

It is likely it will take several weeks to adapt to this new living space. It is only a few square feet larger than was Kintala’s interior, but it still feels much too big. The ceiling is far away for one thing, though that leaves a lot of additional storage space in closets that go all the way up. Of course the apartment it is a completely different shape than was the boat, a box fit only for sitting rather than a form fit for moving. Also, here, all we can do is decide where to stick what, adapting to the space rather than, unlike Kintala, adapting the space to us. What this room really needs is a fold up table mounted on one of the walls, with storage behind it for dishes and such. The best we are going to do is getting Kintala’s original table back, with its two folding sides and center line storage area, where rum and gin are likely to take up permanent residence for an occasional taste. The shifting schedule that will be my new life will keep such tastes to a minimum. “Flying” a sim falls under all of the rules of flying for real, including a 12 hour minimum lapse between imbibing and reporting.

The space could also use a tool storage / work shop area. Tools are now stashed in a half-dozen different tool bags, most of which are tucked away in what looks to be some kind of shoe storage area. I can't imagine actually having that many shoes but, then again, it is likely such a person with that many shoes can't imagine anyone having so many tools. 

It is hard to believe not quite two months have passed since the decision was made to do this thing. Even though I have been putting in some long hours of study to get up to speed with the new responsibilities, it has all had a kind of surreal feeling. Settling in to this new space quickly put an end to that. Going forward is now the only path to getting back to where we want to be.

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