Thursday, November 22, 2018


I've been thinking a lot about gratefulness. The society in which I find myself living does not encourage it. Greed, impatience, consumption, and disrespect abound, but gratefulness is a commodity in short supply. I can think of only one brilliant exception to this trend, and that is with my friend Cindy Wallach of the blog Zachaboard. While she no longer tends to the blog, she posts almost weekly on Facebook with a "grateful for..." list. It's refreshing. It's inspiring. It's a habit toward which I should expend much energy. So as it's Thanksgiving Day here in the US of A, I will list just a few of those things for which I am extremely grateful today.

I'm grateful for my best friend, my husband of 43 years who is ever so patient with my shortcomings, who still finds the tenderness after all these years to run his fingers through my hair in a gentle caress, even in his sleep.

I'm grateful for my three grown children, for the beautiful women they are, for the amazing parents they have become.

I'm grateful for the eleven wonderfully unique grandchildren they have given me, for each of the different eleven smiles, and for the gift of laughter they give me each and every day.

I'm grateful for sunsets, for the ever-changing hues of them as they pass from brilliance to deep purple.

I'm grateful for friends who share the love of the sea, who know without the saying of it how much a life with the sea means.

I'm grateful for dolphins, for their whimsical humor, for their loyalty in accompanying us on passages.

I'm grateful for the smell of bread baking in the oven, for the smell of fresh coffee in the cool morning, for the scent of fresh pine as the sun burns off the morning dew.

I'm grateful for the way new grandbaby #11 rests in my arms, trusting so completely in my care.

I'm grateful for that moment of first waking, coddled in warm covers and the fuzziness of not quite cast off sleep.

I'm grateful for strong women in my life and for the good role models they are.

I'm grateful for the luxury of having one day set aside each year to think of nothing but these things.


S/V Soulshine said...

I'm thankful for the time and effort you have spent tending your blog over the years. While I rarely comment, I have been a loyal reader since your days in a Midwestern lake. Today is a milestone in our cruising career. Just the two of us on the dock in Marsh Harbour; the crew departed yesterday after a two-week trip down the full length of the Chesapeake, the ICW to Beaufort, NC, five day wait for weather and four day offshore run, here we are!

Thanks to the many who have gone before us and chronicled their journeys, successes, and struggles. Now it's our turn to do the same on S/V SoulShine and DaysUnfurling on Facebook.

Happy Thanksgiving!

S/V SoulShine
Marsh Harbour, Bahamas

Unknown said...

Happy Thanksgiving back at you. Nice blog. We're thankful to have you as our friends... among many other things we are thankful for. Be safe. Love & Hugs.
Kathy & Arild

Deb said...

@ Steve - Congratulations! What a great accomplishment. I remember our arrival at West End the first crossing. I was feeling almost giddy with the realization of our dream. I wish you the most wonderful time there. Enjoy the turquoise waters for us as well. We'll be looking for you posts on FB.

@ Kathy - we're thankful as well to count you among our friends. A visit is definitely called for soon.

Robert Sapp said...

Step into any Christian church on Sunday morning and you will find it filled with grateful and giving souls. Gratefulness exists in abundance. You're just not looking in the right places. :-)

TJ said...

Robert, we have so much fun with politics, maybe we should approach religion with a bit of caution? I stepped into a lot of Christian Churches for a lot of years, belonged to more than a few, taught Sunday School classes, headed children's churches, worked with youth groups, and led other Christian groups of various kinds. C.S Lewis, Bonhoeffer, Bunyan, Tozer, Schaeffer, Calvin, McDowell, Augustine, Lawrence...just a few of the Christian authors whose books I studied. I don't make an issue of not being a Christian any longer, many of the people I love most in the world are. It works for them, it works for you, all is well, and all manor of things shall be well. But I didn't get to where I am now by just stumbling along. I would be pretty happy if we just let this sleeping dog lie.