Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Odds and Ends

Just a few odds and ends photos and videos from the past 10 days while the kids were here.

Boys love lizards

Boys also love crabs and anything else that creeps or crawls

The Osprey babies that were born just before we arrived aren't babies anymore

We've seen some amazing skies recently. This one was from the Siesta Key drum circle 7-17-16

The sun was at my back and was reflecting off the clouds and aiming down at the opposite horizon

Sunset at the drum circle

Everyone had fun at the drum circle. Even the littlest who insisted on putting sand on the drum head and watching it bounce
when she hit it

Mama and Papa got to take a short stroll while the kids napped in the van with me

With all the heat and sunshine, napping is the order of the day

Playing Peek-a-boo under Grampy T's table

Waiting for the engine to pick up the train at the train museum in Parrish, FL

Waiting for the train ride to start

Random sunset at the marina. The view from the cockpit of our boat.

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