Sunday, May 1, 2016

The List and The Pile Part II

We've been here just a little over a month so far. Worker Man is settling into a bit of a routine, and I have many more checks on The List than I did a couple weeks ago. Besides trying to work around sharing the tools that are too expensive to duplicate (the ratcheting crimper, for instance), the projects have gone remarkable smooth. I confess to having tackled some of the shorter projects just to be able to check some off, and the longer projects are looming on the horizon now that most of the shorter ones are getting checked off. For those who care to see what a summer of upgrades looks like, here's the status.


  1. Remove old shower sump box
  2. Install new shower sump box
  3. Re-route fridge drain into new shower sump box
  4. Move old bilge pump to new position as backup (glass new mount into bilge, use existing wiring)
  5. Remodel old shower sump box into storage box for Coke cans
  6. Install new bilge pump (glass new mount into bilge, run new wiring from bilge to battery and from bilge to switch panel)
  7. Install new 3-way bilge pump rocker switch
  8. Make new chafe guards out of Sailrite boat blanket
  9. Make new windlass cover
  10. Make new jerry can covers for water jugs
  11. Make zippered flag sleeve for US flag
  12. Make new shelf support bracket for middle of electronics charging shelf
  13. Install new LED strip light in aft cabin with dimmer switch
And while not exactly boat projects, there were tons of administrative things that needed tackled like doing taxes, opening a new bank account here, making a doctor's appointment, suspending our InReqch till fall and sending out our headsets for refurbishment.

Yet to do:
  1. Install 12V plug in cockpit
  2. Install iPad mount in cockpit
  3. Rebed ports (13)
  4. Paint nonskid
  5. Refinish all the teak on the exterior of the boat
  6. Refinish hatch screen frames interior
  7. Make cockpit enclosure
  8. Find new whisker pole
  9. Find new spare anchor
  10. Polish stainless
  11. Replace leaking galley faucet
  12. Mount new bus bar in battery box
And tons more administrative things like getting new Florida drivers licenses, making dentist appointments, glasses for Tim, registering our EPIRB and renewing our boat insurance.

Are you tired yet? I am, so off to bed, but before I go, here's a picture for you to enjoy. I'm putting it here to remind us why we're working so hard.

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