Sunday, May 8, 2016

Drums and Dancing

One of the things I enjoy most about the cruising community is music. Instruments seem to play a huge part in community gatherings, where everyone brings along a guitar, banjo, or drum along with their potluck. One of the most memorable things I've ever heard was a guy sitting next to us in an anchorage playing and singing for a couple hours by candlelight one night, long after the sun had gone down.

I'm a former piano player and flutist, neither of which we have on the boat, but stay tuned because I'm trying to learn how to make a bamboo flute. Tim is a drummer. When we left, Tim brought along his drumsticks and practice pad, but we've never had a drum onboard. We do try to make as many drum circles as we can while we're traveling, though. There's an excellent one in Coconut Grove at Dinner Key in Miami and, it turns out, that there's a huge one at Siesta Key every Sunday on the beach. The one in Coconut Grove provides extra drums for visitors to use, but the one in Siesta Key did not, so we spent the evening just hanging out listening. I'm including a couple videos from the drum circle for your enjoyment. They are kind of clipped and not really great quality since they were taken on my phone, but keep in mind that the drummers would play for 15 minutes straight without stopping, and I don't have that much bandwidth.

Oh, and by the way, we do now have a drum onboard after being motivated by the  Siesta Key Drum Circle. We found a company that makes snap on drum heads for 5 gallon buckets, something that is almost always on every cruising boat. We bought 2 different heads, one a "comfort sound technology" head, a muted sound that you can play in small spaces like our boat. The other one will only come out of the box for drum circles and secluded anchorages. We did buy their 6 gallon bucket, but they fit on any standard 5 or 6 gallon bucket from Lowes or Home Depot or any other hardware or paint tore. Here's some pics and a link to Remo for you in case you're interested.

The first one is just a general video of the drum circle.

This one highlights a rather creative use of various "drums"

This one shows mostly the dancing on the beach in front of the drum circle.

This one highlights one of the young ladies using the hula hoops as part of her dancing. Sorry about the quality. People kept getting in front of me.

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