Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Sailing Rode

If you haven't had a chance to download any of the podcasts from, this might be your chance. We were invited by Steve and Brandy, the purveyors of The Sailing Rode, to do a podcast about how we realized the dream of cruising and a bit about our book.

Not being familiar with Steve and Brandy's podcast, we headed on over to and listened to some of the podcasts that they had already published. They released their first podcast in August of last year and, even though it's a young podcast, we found the podcasts to be well crafted, educational, and very entertaining. We signed on, and did the podcast interview last week. Part One was released today, and Part Two will be released next week. So if you're downloading podcasts for your overnight passage, or one to listen to while being parked during the many cold fronts this season, go on over to The Sailing Rode and check out their content.

Steve and Brandy from The Sailing Rode

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Atty said...

I'm glad you guys got together. Looking forward to Part 2 :)