Tuesday, September 8, 2015


I'm a very organized person, so when I fail to locate something, yes even on the boat, it's a bit of a surprise. One of the things I organize is all of our boat cards that are given to us by other cruisers. I use an app called Cam Card which lets me scan the cards into the app and sort them by boat type.

Back in July we had a visit from some blog readers, Steve and Jan, on their Heritage East trawler over at Oak Harbor. We talked informally about going to Chestertown where they live to visit with them once we left. So we're near there and have decided to make the trip but, alas, I seem to have lost their contact info. I've perused the blog comments, searched my email and texts, and browsed Cam Card to no avail. It would appear that my August file cleaning was a bit too agressive.

So, Steve and Jan, if you're reading this please contact us through the blog contact form because we'd love to come visit your town. And I promise to get your contact into my Cam Card files this time.

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