Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The List

Just a little while ago, when the sun dipped below the horizon, we blew our conch horn to celebrate the fact that we finally got off the dock at Oak Harbor Marina today. Even though we're only anchored just a few boat lengths from our previous slip, there's a mental boost to finally hanging on the hook. As I'm wont to do when we have reached some particularly impressive date, I did some assessments. We did pretty well on completing our summer project list and I got to thinking that since we did pretty well on those, I would take a look at The Master List which I hadn't done for awhile.

A long time ago Tim turned "The List" over to me. He got so frustrated with the fact that things were getting added on to the bottom of the list faster than he could get them off so he just stopped tracking it at all. Whatever project bothered him the most at that particular time on that particular day was what got tackled. I only took over the list because I do the finances and needed to have an idea what we were going to spend. As I perused the list I was a bit taken aback by everything we have done. Somehow (thank the good Lord) I had just put most of it out of my mind.

I'm sure that The List is not complete, that I've forgotten to put some things on it over the years, but I thought you might still like to see what it's like to maintain a cruising boat for 4 years. Keep in mind that this list does not include any of the regular maintenance items like oil changes and lemon oiling the interior teak and routine changing of the zincs and polishing stainless. Any item without a complete date is still on the list to do, but they are precious few and they are going to wait for awhile. We're going sailing.

Item Date

1 Cracks in Spreader Brackets April 2011
2 Remove speaker wire from bilge April 2011
3 Loose wires in A/C cabinet April 2011
4 Gel coat repair Starb. Hull April 2011
5 Touch up bottom paint April 2011
6 Remove Loran April 2011
7 Floor loose at cabin table April 2011
8 Clean, dry, inspect bilge April 2011
9 Install screens on dorad inlets April 2011
10 Install screen on anchor locker door April 2011
11 Bimini straps badly frayed April 2011
12 Seal Screw holes in Sump Tank April 2011
13 2 Fwd screws on teak walkway leaking April 2011
14 Lights in head inop April 2011
15 Several teak slats loose on aft cockpit seat April 2011
16 Ignition switch loose in panel April 2011
17 Install screens on hatches May-2011
18 Sump Tank switch missing May-2011
19 All deck fittings need new "O" rings May-2011
20 Lazy Jack bracket has sheared screw May-2011
21 Helm needs refinished May-2011
22 Sump Pump impeller needs replaced May-2011
23 Install non-skid on steps May-2011
24 Install GFI outlet in galley May-2011
25 No Main Sail May-2011
26 Cap line in holding tank May-2011
27 Salon table lights inop / broken / wires disconnected May-2011
28 Install track in Mast May-2011
29 Replace inner forestay halyard May-2011
30 Remove / Replace Nav chair May-2011
31 Re-stitch Bimini May-2011
32 Port / Aft Corner of hatch needs repaired May-2011
33 Install new cap in holding tank flush fitting (anchor locker) May-2011
34 Head door hinges need repaired May-2011
35 Sump pump shorted May-2011
36 Roller furler line needs replaced May-2011
37 Replace 2 halyards June-2011
38 Add 2 mast head halyards June-2011
39 Top of jib torn at luff cord June-2011
40 Water line at water heater needs replaced June-2011
41 Water line Check valves need replaced June-2011
42 Sump float switch needs raised June-2011
43 Install interior LEDs June-2011
44 LPG Bottles need replaced June-2011
45 Build companionway screen June-2011
46 Replaced ignition and pre-heat switch with new June-2011
47 Forward Cleat Starb side loose June-2011
48 Make mail sail cover June-2011
49 New mattress for V-berth June-2011
50 Light in head needs replaced June-2011
51 Polish Plexiglas ports June-2011
52 Companionway trim needs repair clean & Paint June-2011
53 Rebed Starb Center Bimini mount July-2011
54 Salon hatch leaking - needs re-bedded July-2011
55 Make foredeck and cabin boom tents July-2011
56 Reseal toe rail edge to deck July-2011
57 Sand and oil dorade boxes July-2011
58 Rebed port bow cleat July-2011
59 Rebed port fowd lifeline stantion July-2011
60 Lazerett aft hinge loose July-2011
61 Sand and oil toe rail July-2011
62 Gally foot pump faucet leaking July-2011
63 Alt belt or water pump squealing July-2011
64 Two open hoses in engine compartment / use? July-2011
65 Secondary Fuel filter missing nut July-2011
66 Swim Ladder brackets loose and missing nuts July-2011
67 Stbd winch cleat leaking at mount bolts July-2011
68 Replace broken interior trim at mast July-2011
69 Redo cockpit aft storage area / remove radio July-2011
70 V-Berth hatch leaking / port latch? July-2011
71 Sand and refinish trim at fwd hatch & companionway interior July-2011
72 Head door top frame piece needs secured July-2011
73 Sand and oil hand rails July-2011
74 A/C control head intermit July-2011
75 Forward hatch gasket leaking / replace all hatch gaskets August-2011
76 Replace engine covers sound dampning August-2011
77 Sound deaden 'fridge compressor Sept-2011
78 Install storage box under aft hatch and fixt hatch hinge Sept-2011
79 Toppinig lift broken Sept-2011
80 Installed Lavac Head / installed new waste water lines Oct-2011
81 Replaced floor under head with 1/2' Corian Oct-2011
82 Plumb in deck wash fitting / port side Oct-2011
83 Remove and replace engine mounts Nov-2011
84 Sheared stud in aft / starb engine mount Nov-2011
85 Aft Cabin hatches - inside trim needs sand and stain Nov-2011
86 Re-stitch Bimini Dec-2011
87 Build storage / seat box for nav station Feb-2012
88 Assemble and install hatches (4) Feb-2012
89 Fwd Comapnionway trim split and rotting Mar-2012
90 Installed hinge on 'fridge lid Mar-2012
91 Fab & Install spash guard in galley Mar-2012
92 Build and install spice rack for aft galley wall Mar-2012
93 Build and install sliding cutting board / counter for stove top Mar-2012
94 Water lines need replaced April-2012
95 Install light bar over sink Mar-2012
96 Replace fan in V-berth Mar-2012
97 Replace fan in aft cabin Mar-2012
98 Replace manifold for hot water system Mar-2012
99 Paint aft hatch frame May-2012
100 Repair muffler June-2012
101 Install light bar over fridge July-2012
102 Construct dodger Aug-2012
103 Install new sink drain Oct-2012
104 Replace windlass gypsy Dec-2012
105 Replace salon cushions with new Jan-2013
106 Build bulkhead table to replace existing dining table April-2013
107 Repair shaft coupler to transmission May-2013
108 Complete 8 month replacement of V-drive and Transmission June-2013
109 Construct tool room/workshop July-2013
110 Install new propeller Aug-2013
111 Install holding tank monitor Aug-2013
112 Install new Mantus anchor Aug-2013
113 Repair mast weld Aug-2013
114 Repair smile crack Aug-2013
115 Sand paint blisters off Aug-2013
116 Paint bottom Aug-2013
117 Build shelves in Tim's closet Aug-2013
118 Begin Cape Horn installation Aug-2013
119 Repair rudder tube Sept-2013
120 Repair rudder Sept-2013
121 Install inline water filters Sept-2013
122 Install drinking water filter/faucet Sept-2013
123 Repair rudder shoe Sept-2013
124 Repair fuel injection pump Nov-2013
125 Replace glow plug relay Nov-2013
126 Rebed galley sink Nov-2013
127 Rig preventer Jan-2014
128 Repair and rebed traveler Aug-2014
129 Repair and rebed aft cabin port Aug-2014
130 Repair large soft spot in forward deck Aug-2014
131 Add staysail roller furling Aug-2014
132 Replace oven thermostat Sept-2014
133 Rebuild heat exchanger Sept-2014
134 Install solar panels Jan-2015
135 Repair dinghy leak Jan-2015
136 Build phone rack Feb-2015
137 Finish aft cabin sun lights Feb-2015
138 Rebuild winches May-2015
139 Replumb galley sink drain May-2015
140 Rebed forward cleats May-2015
141 Add charging plug to V-berth July-2015
142 Repair improperly installed alternator bracket July-2015
143 Paint bottom July-2015
144 Install autopilot for wind vane July-2015
145 Install inverter July-2015
146 Install propane sniffer July-2015
147 Install LED strip lights in salon July-2015
148 Recover pillows and sew slip covers July-2015
149 Convert pilot berth to shelving July-2015
150 Recover nav seat July-2015
151 Replace raw water pump with new July-2015
152 Change exhaust clamps July-2015
153 Re-skin bimini Aug-2015
154 Rebuild solar panel mounts Aug-2015
155 Add new solar panel Aug-2015
156 Design and construct connector between bimini and dodger Aug-2015
157 Add chafe protection to edges of dodger Aug-2015
158 Replace improperly installed bow chock Aug-2015
159 Service windlass Aug-2015
160 Refinish cabin floor
161 Repaint non-skid on deck.
162 Repaint non-skid in aft cabin
163 Add remote oil change system
164 Add LED strip lights in aft cabin
165 Replace anchor chain
166 Sew enclosure
167 Install overboard plumbing

Our new canvas connector between the dodger and the bimini.


The Cynical Sailor said...

Wow - you guys have accomplished so much! Such a great idea to pause and take a look back at all that you've accomplished. I can't wait for the day when our list has lots of things ticked off of it :-)

Cheers - Ellen | The Cynical Sailor

Jennifer M. said...

Not too many more to tackle! Good on ya! You deserve to enjoy the sailing and being on the hook. Miss you guys out there! See you soon. Jenn (s/v Aletheia)

Mike Boyd said...

That is quite a list. I had one of those somewhere, but like Tim, got rather frustrated with the list growing much faster than I could trim it down. I take his approach now. Glad to hear you made it out of the boatyard with your summer list complete. I'm still in the yard working on my one big project. Who knew a fiberglass top would take so long.

Hope to catch up with you at some point. Take care.


Marci Fisher said...

Deb: I love to-do lists, especially when I get to cross things off them. We've been keeping paper lists but once a page got full, I copied the incomplete items onto a new page, added more things to it and then threw the old list away. Seeing your list, I wish I had kept all those paper lists. Yes, lists can be overwhelming but they also are a humbling and motivating reminder of how much has been accomplished. I just now moved all the things on our current paper list to an electronic list and saved it to my Google drive so Steve can access it, as well. We should be knocking things out left and right!!


Deb said...

Love all your comments. It's funny how different people react to The Lists. We all have them, but they discourage some people and encourage some people. When I did this post I hadn't updated the list for awhile and I asked Tim to look at it to see if I had forgotten anything. He tried, but he was immediately depressed and quit. I, on the other hand, felt pretty good when I looked at it and saw everything we had accomplished. I'd love to hear more comments from all of you as to how you react to looking at your List.