Monday, May 25, 2015


One of the things I like about cruising is that it restores that wonder that we had as children. You just can't see striking sunsets every night and float in 20 feet of crystalline water where you can see the bottom without being rendered speechless. Yet even with all of that, the grandkids are still able to focus me on joy in a way that nothing else can. While visiting Tim's parents at the nursing home in the first few days of our travels, I took one of our granddaughters to see the large bird cage full of finches that resides on another floor of the facility. She could stand there for hours watching them, fascinated. 
The white one was her favorite.

And the laughter . . . they never cease to catch me completely off guard with their fresh, untarnished view of things. We were cooking hotdogs over a campfire in the back yard of my eldest daughter's house in Indianapolis and the fire was smoking quite a bit from the hot dog grease dripping into it. My grandson Julian remembered that his dad had a respirator in the garage for dealing with stinky paints and within minutes he handed off his hot dog stick to me and returned all prepared to deal with the smoky fire. If you ever needed a laugh, this is one you simply can't resist.

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