Friday, May 1, 2015

Close ... getting close ...

Staying in Fishing Bay for a day or so turned out to be an even better idea than it seemed at first. The weather that was heavy rain and winds to 40, that had faded to showers and winds less than 20, arrived as moderate rain with winds gusting to 30. And it is cold! Not sure exactly how cold since our outside temperature gauge is one of the things that hasn't enjoyed being exposed to salt air. Phone weather says it is 55 degrees somewhere near here, but it feels a lot colder than that. Lows tonight are forecast for the mid 40s, ugh. After that Spring is supposed to show up, so all we need do is shiver through the next 48 hours. Two days of travel after the sun returns and Kintala will be as far north as she is going this year.

There are a lot of uncertainties after that. Numbers for home sales and unemployment rates are not encouraging, but selling the condo is a must do or all cruising bets are off. Even if the condo goes the the grim specter of having to find a paycheck for a while to fill the hole in our budget looms. How I envy those who made a clean get-a-way; who can stop at a marina without counting pennies, drink a $3 beer at the local watering hole without thinking the ones on the boat cost half as much, or contemplate boat projects without cringing. After nearly 19 months in the water and 4000 miles under her keel, and while somewhat neglected during the summer of the Bear, Kintala is deserving of a little tender loving care. Some kind of auto pilot is a must. Bottom paint, fiberglass work where 50 knot winds left their mark, the non-skid on deck is getting ugly, we would like to add another solar panel and more batteries to the bank; all things that need attention. And I am sure at least one pretty big job lurks somewhere that has yet to raise its head. In fact one of my major concerns is getting caught too far north again, too late in the season, and facing another winter run down the ICW. That would be a big “Ugh” indeed.

On the other hand … Daughters and Grand Kids await, including the newest due within weeks. There are friends we hope to see, and other friends we hope to meet and join on the trek south with come late summer. Some still in the Islands are thinking of heading to the Chesapeake for the summer. Others are already north of us, and we will be meeting them as soon as we get to Oak Harbor. That will be a fair and happy reunion, one of the true joys of this life. The idea of hooking up for a few weeks of traveling together is enough to take the gloom off of a day like this one. Come fall we may not get far, but we will get somewhere. Jobs, if they be necessary, will have to be found where where the snow doesn't fly nor the water freeze. Home will still mean Kintala. While her sailing capabilities can only be admired, her cold weather livability leaves much to be desired.

A summer of labor followed by a winter of cruising seems a pretty common theme. If we settle into being members of that part of the cruising tribe, we will be keeping good company. But first, one more day of cold, then two more days of travel.


Matt Mc. said...

See you soon!

Mike Boyd said...

Hope the hot real estate market in Denver rubs off on you guys. Will keep my fingers crossed.

I spent a few days in Fishing Bay during my stay in Deltaville...actually the boat picture on my new boat cards is from there.

I forget where you are heading (boy my memory is getting worse these days)...but hope to meet up with you sometime this summer or next fall. Good luck and stay in touch!